KOMLINE-SANDERSON designs and manufactures innovative solutions to wastewater treatment and sludge management problems facing municipal wastewater treatment facilities. Komline-Sanderson equipment and technology are used for clarifying wastewater to meet discharge regulations, reduce costly surcharges, or recover valuable products and water for reuse. Komline-Sanderson help customers reduce sludge volume by thickening, dewatering and drying, reducing disposal cost and impact. Thermal processing also converts some waste products to useful by-products or fuel.

Komline-Sanderson Solutions Include:

  • Belt Filter Press
  • Gravity Belt Thickener
  • Paddle Dryers
  • Dissolved Air Flotation
  • Rotary Vacuum Filter
  • Filtration Media
  • Plunger Pump
  • Process Filtration
  • Process Drying, Heating, and Cooling
  • Rotary Atomizers for Dry Scrubbing

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