The BEAST is not just for septage and has proven its flexibility over and over again on the toughest loads. Whether it is screening debris from Vactor truck loads or removing inorganic material from fats, oils, and grease, the BEAST handles them all.

A new generation of septage-FOG-sludge screening, the BEAST is engineered for septage and heavy solids-loading applications. It successfully removes rags, plastic, rocks, and other debris from the waste stream and protects downstream processes and equipment. There is no need for a rock trap or maintenance-expensive grinders with the BEAST. Any rocks or other large debris that can pass through the discharge hose from the truck are easily removed by the screen and auger.

Schedule a free onsite demo now to see firsthand how the BEAST Septage-FOG-Sludge Screening System will handle your current septage, FOG, or sludge challenges.

-drive system
• Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
• 25º angle drum screen to enhance capture
• Dual-drive system
• Easily handles heavy solids
• High capacity reduces septage unloading time
• Reliable performance for unattended operation
• Proven Flo-Drum technology
• Integrated screen-washing system
• Enclosed design for odor control
• Two-stage tank design narrows the inlet
• No support arms on influent side of screen drum
• Dual seal captures fine material
• Monitoring and security access options available
• Optional bagger
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